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Picasso Museum Malaga: A Journey Through the Mind of a Master

The Picasso Museum Malaga is more than just a museum; it's an experience. Housed in the stunning Buenavista Palace, the museum offers a beautiful backdrop to Picasso's works. Discover the world of Pablo Picasso, the iconic Spanish painter and co-founder of Cubism. In the heart of Malaga, the Picasso Museum awaits, housed in a stunning 16th-century Andalusian building with Renaissance and Mudéjar touches.

The Picasso Birthplace Museum lets you feel Picasso's own experience in his birthplace. Experience 6 rooms, each representing a phase of his life, revealing the profound influence of his childhood on his remarkable journey.

Why Visit Picasso Museum Malaga?

Picasso museum Malaga
  • See the largest collection of Picasso's works in the world. The Picasso Museum Malaga houses over 285 works by the artist, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints.
  • Explore Picasso's artistic journey. The museum's collection spans Picasso's entire career, from his early Academic paintings to his groundbreaking Cubist works to his later experimental pieces.
  • Discover the secrets behind Picasso's genius. The museum offers a variety of educational programs and resources that help visitors learn more about Picasso's life and work.
  • Experience Picasso's art in a unique setting. The museum is housed in the stunning Buenavista Palace, a 16th-century mansion with beautiful courtyards and gardens.
  • Imagine yourself in Picasso's shoes. As you walk through the museum, you'll see the works of art that Picasso created throughout his life. Try to imagine what it was like to be in his mind as he painted, sculpted, and drew. What inspired him? What challenges did he face?

Which Picasso Museum Malaga Tickets is Best for You?

Picasso museum Malaga tickets

If you are on a Budget

Go for: Skip-the-line tickets

Guide: Audio Guides Included

Access to the Dialogues with Picasso collection: Yes

  • With these tickets, you can immerse yourself in a museum that not only houses Picasso's prized possessions but also showcases the stunning blend of Renaissance and Mudéjar architecture. Save money and explore both the Picasso Museum Malaga and the Automobile & Fashion Museum with convenient combo tickets.

Recommended Tours

Picasso Birthplace Museum Malaga

If you're Short on Time

Go for: Priority Access to the Picasso Museum in Malaga

Duration: 1 hour of art immersion

Guide: A knowledgeable guide fluent in both Spanish and English

  • With this ticket, you can save time and step into the Picasso Museum and instantly access the cherished artworks of the legendary Pablo Picasso.
  • You can also gain profound insights into Picasso's creative world as your guide unveils the artistic wonders in Spanish or English, in only an hour.

Recommended tour:

Plan Your Visit to Picasso Museum Malaga

Getting There
Picasso Birthplace Museum Opening Hours

Picasso Museum Malaga Opening Hours

Open from Monday to Sunday. 

General Opening Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM

Picasso Birthplace Museum Opening Hours

Open from Monday to Sunday. 

General Opening Hours: 9:30 AM to 8 PM

Picasso Museum Malaga tickets

Picasso Museum Malaga

Address: Palacio de Buenavista, C. San Agustín, 8, 29015 Málaga, Spain

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Picasso Birthplace Museum

Address: Pl. de la Merced, 15, 29012 Málaga, Spain

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Picasso Museum Malaga Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessibility: The museums are mostly wheelchair accessible and include accessible toilets and elevators as well. You can also borrow wheelchairs with seat belts from the facility if you need one. 

Art Approach Program: These are participatory visits for groups with varying levels of physical, mental, sensory, intellectual, or mental functioning. If you wish to explore the Picasso Museum Malaga, you are welcome to join this program.

Picasso museum Malaga Audio Guide

Toilets: All the rooms have restrooms, except for the CAC, (toilets are downstairs to the right of the entrance). However, you must have an admission ticket to use them.  You can use the toilets at the Picasso Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum if you're in the café. Museum’s restrooms are open to the public.

Guided Tours: Guided tours are available at the museum as well. With it, you can learn about Picasso's importance and contribution to art history.

Audio Guide: The audio guide service is available in ten languages.  (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish), as well as two temporary exhibits (English and Spanish).

Malaga Picasso Museum Shop

Bookshop MPM

Open for the same hours as the Picasso Museum Malaga, this shop is located in Plaza de la Higuera and you can access it through Calle Alcazabilla. The bookshop has a large collection of books on art in different languages.

Malaga Picasso Museum

Cafe MPM

Also open for the same hours as the museum apart from closing 30 minutes before the museum’s closing time, the Cafe MPM is a perfect place for one to relax and enjoy some light refreshments while visiting the museum. The cafe is located in the garden of the Palacio de Buenavista and is surrounded by orange and bay trees along with some lovely geranium flowers

picasso museum malaga tickets

There are many hotels near  Picasso Museum Malaga. Plan your stay here whenever you visit the museum. Some of them are as follows:

Budget: Wey's Home Suites, Málaga Hotel Elíseos, Hotel Soho Boutique Las Vegas

Mid-Range: Hotel Del Pintor, La Casa Azul B&B, Apartamentos Tandem Soho

Luxury: Vincci Seleccion Posada del Patio, Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro, Casita Evy-Lou

Centre Pompidou, Malaga

Here are some other great attractions you could visit while visiting Picasso Museum Malaga. 

Centre Pompidou Málaga: Take a stroll into the Centre Pompidou, also called El Cubo along Malaga’s port. This colorful museum has more than 80 artworks on display from 1905 onwards, including some of Picasso’s masterpieces. 

Alcazaba: In the Spanish city of Málaga, the Alcazaba is a magnificent fortification. The Hammudid dynasty built it in the early eleventh century. It is one of the best attractions to visit in Spain after the  Picasso Museum Malaga

Visitor Tips & Guidelines

  • To the museum, only handbags and small backpacks are permitted.
  • The exhibition rooms' capacity is limited. Buy the Picasso Museum Malaga tickets accordingly.
  • Make sure to carry a valid ID proof if you’ve bought tickets at discounted prices.
  • To help preserve the artworks, visitors are requested to not touch them and remain a safe distance away from them.
  • Respect other visitors by turning off your phone during exhibitions, films, and concerts.
  • Keep a copy of your booking confirmation with you at all times during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Picasso Museum Malaga Tickets

Are there tickets available for Picasso Museum Malaga?

Yes, tickets for Picasso Museum Malaga are available online. You can check them out here.

Where can I buy tickets to the Picasso Museum Malaga?

You can easily buy your tickets to Picasso Museum Malaga online.

Are there discounts available on Picasso Museum Malaga tickets?

Yes, there are many discounts available on Picasso Museum Malaga tickets. Check them out here.

Is Picasso Museum Malaga open for visits?

Yes, Picasso Museum Malaga is now open for visits.

Can I get wheelchairs at Picasso Museum Malaga?

Yes, you can avail wheelchairs with seat belts at the Picasso Museum Malaga. Just approach one of the staff members.