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Picasso Museum: Skip-the-line Tickets

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  • Head to the museum that stores all of Pablo Picasso’s prized artistic possessions at the Picasso Museum.
  • Privileged skip-the-line access allows you to head right into the museum without wasting any time.
  • Explore the archaeological remains that were unearthed which date back to the Phoenician and Roman periods.
  • Delve into the works of this revered 20th-century Spanish painter who revolutionized the conceptualization of art.
  • The building itself is a sight to savor, boasting elements of Renaissance and Mudéjar in all its flair.
  • Head to the lower floor to see the Phoenician, Roman, and Arabic archaeological ruins.
  • Choose between 2 types of tickets that let you access different collections of work by Picasso and other artists.
  • Explore Dialogues with Picasso - 2020-2023, a collection that journeys through almost eight decades of Pablo Picasso's work.

This ticket has the following options you can choose from:

  • Collection Entry: Dialogues with Picasso
  • Combined Entry: Collection + Face to face: Picasso and the Old Masters Exhibition
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Picasso`s Birthplace Museum: Skip the Line Tickets

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  • Visit the house where Malaga's most celebrated artist, Pablo Picasso was born, and witness his grand collection of works.
  • Browse through family memories and artifacts at Picasso`s Birthplace Museum.
  • Benefit from skip-the-line access into the museum, allowing you to waltz past ticketing queues and head right in.
  • Check out his graphic artwork from 1931-1971, an array of illustrated books, and revered 19th-century works in the library.
  • Peruse through the 3,500 examples of contemporary art by over 200 artists, including works by Miró, Christo, Bacon, Bross, and Ernst.
  • From Aug 13 to Aug 21, 2022, the Picasso Birthplace Museum will remain inaccessible to the public from 9:30am to 4pm due to the city fair held in Malaga.
  • On 8 Oct, 2022, on the occasion of Noche en Blanco in Malaga, entry to Picasso's Birthplace Museum will be available free of charge from 7pm.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Picasso Museum Malaga Reopens After Covid-19

For the first time since Spain's government declared a state of emergency on March 14 to combat the spread of coronavirus, the Picasso Museum in Malaga reopened to the public on May 26, 2020. Due to health concerns, guided tours have been temporarily halted. This includes both educator-led groups and school visits. 

However, you may still visit the museum as an individual, here’s everything you need to know about tickets to Picasso Museum Malaga. 

Covid-19 Safety Measures at Picasso Museum Malaga

If you have a fever, cough, or respiratory distress, or if you have symptoms consistent with COVID, you will be denied access to the premises.

  • To gain access to the work center, masks must be worn, and they must be worn at all times while on Museum grounds.
  • Within the premises, visitors are requested to frequently wash their hands or sanitize them.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at all entrances.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors whenever possible to maintain a safe distance.
  • Avoid physical contact with others.
  • Avoid touching anything unless absolutely necessary (counters, furniture, etc.).

Why Visit Picasso Museum Malaga?

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The Picasso Museum Malaga displays the work of the famous Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter who not only co-founded the Cubist movement but is also considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Not only does the museum include some of his brilliant works of art, but the building is also a brilliant example of Andalusian architecture from the 16th century with elements of Renaissance and Mudéjar. 

The Picasso Birthplace Museum on the other hand allows you to experience what Picasso himself experienced in the place of his birth. 6 rooms take you through the different phases of his life, allowing you to get a feel of how his childhood years shaped him into what he later became.

Your Picasso Museum Malaga Tickets Explained

picasso museum malaga tickets
picasso museum malaga tickets

What is the Best Way to Book Picasso Museum Malaga Tickets?

The best way to book Picasso Museum Malaga tickets is to book them online. Not only do you get amazing deals, but you can also skip long lines, make advanced bookings and experience hassle-free cancelation.

Convenience: You can skip long waiting lines for the ticket and head straight to the security check into the museum. You also don’t have to carry a physical ticket, just show it on your phone!

Advanced Reservation: You can plan your trip ahead of time to ensure that you explore everything and make the most of your trip.

Flexible Cancelation: If you change your mind, you can even cancel your ticket and get a full refund.

Picasso Museum Malaga Highlights

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The Paris of Brassai

The Paris of Brassai exhibition, organized by Museo Picasso Malaga, features the work of one of Europe's most well-known photographers from the first half of the twentieth century. Brassai’s efforts helped to shape the international public perception of Paris, the Eternal City. It's on display among pieces by Pablo Picasso, Pierre Bonnard, and Georges Braque. This exhibition will be present at the museum till the 3rd April 2022, so make sure to go check it out before then. 

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Face to Face

The exhibition, which is co-organized by the Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla,  will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about Pablo Picasso's connections to famous painters of the past. The exhibition offers viewers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover the similarities between Picasso's work and that of El Greco and others by comparing it to that of the Old Masters. This exhibition begins on 22nd Feb 2022 and will go on till 26th Jun 2022.

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Paula Rego

This will be a presentation that will showcase an uncompromising artist with a powerful imagination. Rego revolutionized the way women are shown in figurative art and revolutionized the way women are represented in general. In her paintings, you can see how she fiercely opposed the Portuguese dictatorship. Don’t forget to check out the Dog Woman and the Abortion series displayed in this exhibition as well. The exhibition will be live between 26th Apr to 21st Aug 2022.

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Dialogues with Picasso

This permanent exhibition will assist visitors to obtain a better knowledge of Pablo Picasso's artistic career by grouping his works in a way that helps them understand his artistic processes in chronological order. You can find artworks here from more than 80 years of his life that allow you to see Picasso’s creative rigor and understand how he played a major role in Western art. You can also notice the diverse themes and techniques that Picasso used and mastered.

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Picasso Birthplace Museum

Located at Plaza de la Merced, Malaga, the Picasso Birthplace Museum took form under the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation. Born here on 25th October 1881, Picasso grew up to become an influential artist, and this area was declared a Historical-Artistic Monument of National Interest in 1983. Today, this place holds the Picasso Birthplace Museum that allows you to see where Picasso lived the first few years of his life.

Plan Your Visit to Picasso Museum Malaga

Pre-book Your Tickets
Getting There
picasso museum malaga tickets

Pre-booking your Picasso Museum Malaga tickets allows you to not only plan your trip ahead but also allows you to skip the long waiting lines at the ticket counters. This keeps you and your companions safe from Covid-19 and also gives you the convenience of showing your tickets directly on your phone. You can also avail great discounts when you book your tickets online.

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Picasso Museum Malaga Opening Hours

Open from Monday to Sunday. 

General Opening Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM

Picasso Birthplace Museum Opening Hours

Open from Monday to Sunday. 

General Opening Hours: 9:30 AM to 8 PM

picasso museum malaga tickets

Picasso Museum Malaga

Address: Palacio de Buenavista, C. San Agustín, 8, 29015 Málaga, Spain

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Picasso Birthplace Museum

Address: Pl. de la Merced, 15, 29012 Málaga, Spain

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picasso museum malaga tickets

Wheelchair Accessibility: The museums are mostly wheelchair accessible and include accessible toilets and elevators as well. You can also borrow wheelchairs with seat belts from the facility if you need one. 

Art Approach Program: These are participatory visits for groups with varying levels of physical, mental, sensory, intellectual, or mental functioning. If you wish to explore the Picasso Museum Malaga, you are welcome to join this program.

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Toilets: All the rooms have restrooms, except for the CAC, (toilets are downstairs to the right of the entrance). However, you must have an admission ticket to use them.  You can use the toilets at the Picasso Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum if you're in the café. Museum’s restrooms are open to the public.

Guided Tours: Guided tours are available at the museum as well. With it, you can learn about Picasso's importance and contribution to art history.

Audio Guide: The audio guide service is available in ten languages.  (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish), as well as two temporary exhibits (English and Spanish).

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Bookshop MPM

Open for the same hours as the Picasso Museum Malaga, this shop is located in Plaza de la Higuera and you can access it through Calle Alcazabilla. The bookshop has a large collection of books on art in different languages.

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Cafe MPM

Also open for the same hours as the museum apart from closing 30 minutes before the museum’s closing time, the Cafe MPM is a perfect place for one to relax and enjoy some light refreshments while visiting the museum. The cafe is located in the garden of the Palacio de Buenavista and is surrounded by orange and bay trees along with some lovely geranium flowers

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There are many hotels near  Picasso Museum Malaga. Plan your stay here whenever you visit the museum. Some of them are as follows:

Budget: Wey's Home Suites, Málaga Hotel Elíseos, Hotel Soho Boutique Las Vegas

Mid-Range: Hotel Del Pintor, La Casa Azul B&B, Apartamentos Tandem Soho

Luxury: Vincci Seleccion Posada del Patio, Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro, Casita Evy-Lou

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Here are some other great attractions you could visit while visiting Picasso Museum Malaga. 

Centre Pompidou Málaga: Take a stroll into the Centre Pompidou, also called El Cubo along Malaga’s port. This colorful museum has more than 80 artworks on display from 1905 onwards, including some of Picasso’s masterpieces. 

Alcazaba: In the Spanish city of Málaga, the Alcazaba is a magnificent fortification. The Hammudid dynasty built it in the early eleventh century. It is one of the best attractions to visit in Spain after the  Picasso Museum Malaga

Visitor Tips & Guidelines

  • To the museum, only handbags and small backpacks are permitted.
  • The exhibition rooms' capacity is limited. Buy the Picasso Museum Malaga tickets accordingly.
  • Make sure to carry a valid ID proof if you’ve bought tickets at discounted prices.
  • To help preserve the artworks, visitors are requested to not touch them and remain a safe distance away from them.
  • Respect other visitors by turning off your phone during exhibitions, films, and concerts.
  • Keep a copy of your booking confirmation with you at all times during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Picasso Museum Malaga Tickets

Are there tickets available for Picasso Museum Malaga?

Yes, tickets for Picasso Museum Malaga are available online. You can check them out here.

Where can I buy tickets to the Picasso Museum Malaga?

You can easily buy your tickets to Picasso Museum Malaga online.

Are there discounts available on Picasso Museum Malaga tickets?

Yes, there are many discounts available on Picasso Museum Malaga tickets. Check them out here.

Is Picasso Museum Malaga open for visits?

Yes, Picasso Museum Malaga is now open for visits.

Is it safe to visit Picasso Museum Malaga?

Yes. There are many safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to ensure that all the visitors are protected during their visit.

What are the Covid-19 safety measures at Picasso Museum Malaga?

There are temperature checks performed at the entrance. People with high temperatures or showing symptoms of Covis-19 are prevented from entering the premises. There are also hand sanitizers present throughout the museum along with appropriate social distancing measures.

Can I get wheelchairs at Picasso Museum Malaga?

Yes, you can avail wheelchairs with seat belts at the Picasso Museum Malaga. Just approach one of the staff members.